Kamala Harris’ ‘Children’s Agenda’ includes six months family leave, child-care cost cap

Presidential candidate talks plan with kids’ advocates in Cedar Rapids

The Gazette | October 24, 2019

by Molly Duffy

CEDAR RAPIDS — Even with help from grandparents and scholarships, Elizabeth Kehret said she spends about $1,000 per month on child care for her two daughters… Continue Reading

It’s time to hear what the Democratic presidential candidates have planned for our nation’s 74 million children

Medium | August 4, 2019

by Wendy Lazarus & Laurie Lipper

With four debates behind us, the media has failed to ask how candidates will lead so that every child in our country can be successful. Our children’s future should be the focus of the next debate… Continue Reading

Voters want to hear about child care policy

The Gazette | July 1, 2019

by Jill Applegate

In a May poll by Selzer & Company, 64 percent of Iowa voters indicated they would be favorably impressed if candidates made child care assistance for working families a major element of their agendas.

Why? Because the landscape of child care in our state increasingly is not working for families, while the number of kids that need care remains extremely high… Continue Reading

Child policy issues are priority one

The Gazette | June 30, 2019

Charles Bruner, Guest Columnist

Child policy issues have come of age. That is the top-line finding of a poll conducted by Selzer & Co. of active Iowa voters.

Commissioned by Every Child Matters and the Iowa Children’s Policy Coalition, the poll shows that four in five voters (80 percent) consider child well-being to be a high priority for attention during the election, above 12 other issues, including jobs and the economy (68 percent), balancing the budget and reducing the deficit (64 percent), providing economic security for senior citizens (64 percent), fighting terrorists (63 percent), and protecting the environment (61 percent)… Continue Reading

Poll shows voters’ focus on issues affecting Iowa children

Des Moines Register | June 24, 2019

Lana Shope and Jillian Herink, Guest Columnists

As the 2020 election nears and presidential hopefuls rush to Iowa, many are wondering which issue is the most important to Iowa voters. Thanks to a recent poll by Selzer & Co., we now know the answer: children. The poll reveals that 80% of Iowa voters believe “improving the health, education, and well-being of children” is a high priority that presidential candidates need to address. In fact, more voters identified children’s well-being as their priority over any other issue, including creating jobs and balancing the budget… Continue Reading

Poll reveals that Children’s Issues are Most Important to Iowa Voters for 2020


Des Moines, IOWA (May 29, 2019) – Today at the Children and Families of Iowa Child Development Center, children’s policy leaders shared the results of a Selzer & Company poll with families, service providers, and advocates. 500 Iowans from diverse political affiliations, income levels, education backgrounds, and ages—selected from among those who voted in the 2016 or 2018 elections—were polled about their top concerns for issues facing the country. The results reveal that more voters identified children’s wellbeing as their priority over any other issue, including creating jobs and balancing the budget… Continue Reading

Heartland Forum brings Democratic focus to rural America

Dickinson County News | April 2, 2019

Five candidates lay out their vision for bringing the Heartland back into the fold

The Democratic Party seems to know one thing for certain: that the road to winning in 2020 runs through rural America… Continue Reading

Local Leader Spotlight: Jill Applegate

movementforchildcare.org | March 14, 2019

Tell us more about the organization that you work with. What is its mission and how do you go about accomplishing it?

Every Child Matters works to make children’s issues a nation-wide priority, specifically through nonpartisan electoral engagement. It’s why we say, “Vote For Kids!” I am the Iowa Program Manager, and my specialty is getting candidates for elected office on the record about how they’ll invest in kids… Continue Reading