Candidate Conversation with Senator Michael Bennet

On Saturday, September 14th, our Caucus for Kids campaign sat down with Colorado Senator Michael Bennet as part of our Facebook Live Candidate Conversation Series, which you can watch here. We were delighted to be hosted at the Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children’s office in Des Moines, Iowa.

Bennet responded to questions from Emilee Harris of Every Child Matters in Iowa, Jamie Schmidt from the Iowa Association of Education for Young Children, Anne Discher of Iowa’s Child and Family Policy Center, Anne Bacon of the Iowa Community Action Association and Jessica Rebeschini of Zero to Three.

When asked how he would ensure that all children have access to the medical care that fits their needs, Bennet said he would make sure that everyone who qualifies for Medicaid will be automatically enrolled, while making sure that there is 100% Medicaid funding in all places that need it, including rural areas.

Adressing access and afordability of child care, Bennet states that he would continue work on plans like his expansions on the Earned Income Tax Credit and the American Families Act, which would increase earnings in monthly paychecks to ensure that families can afford child care and early education. He calls for universal pre-K and home visiting that begins before zero so that parents get the proper support they need to raise their children.

When asked about ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our children, Bennet said that he is still working on plans, but knows that adequate investment in all children and families services that address personal and social health is important.

Asked about family economic security, Bennet responded that he again would place focus on the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, making sure that families get more money each month instead of once a year for these credits to increase the monthly income of households. He also would have wrap around services with schools, to make sure kids are getting what they need as frequently as they can.

Addressing equal opportunity, Bennet stated that we should all have the ambition to make sure that everyone is included all of the time. He wants to see things like the Equality Act passed, along with policies like the American Families Act and the increases in the Earned Income Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits to make sure that all families have a better chance at a level playing field.

To hear all of Bennet’s answers, watch the video above.

The Children’s Policy Coalition is calling on every presidential candidate to address the issues affecting children and families. Candidate responses are shared here for informational purposes only. The Children’s Policy Coalition does not endorse candidates or parties. We’re caucusing for kids!

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